My Platinum experience.
I was first through the door before 3pm to meet the lovely Ed and receive my VIP badge, wrist band and signed set list.  Ed was very professional and helpful and swapped my t-shirt twice.
At 4pm Ed led us into the stalls area where I experienced my first soundcheck, which was fascinating.

At 5pm, the meet and greet.  I was so nervous whilst queuing up and knew I would either say nothing or else say something stupid.  The boys signed my Crush tour brochure, which coincidentally was my first OMD concert in 1988 at the Hexagon (tickets were slightly cheaper then at £6 each!).  The boys were lovely and I had my first photo with the them.  I did get a bit starstruck and after Andy shook my hand I started to walk away without my signed items and Andy had to point to them!!

At 8pm the TMP's came on.  I enjoyed their set but was anxious to get to 9pm and for OMD to come on.

Finally, it was time ... and what a brilliant, unforgettable evening.  The vote for this evening was between If You Leave, Pandora's Box and Genetic Engineering.  I voted for IYL but it was GE which one and it was brilliant.  The most enjoyable and stand out songs for me were History of Modern and hearing Secret and So In Love from the Crush album, taking me back to the concert in the same venue in 1988, very emotive. 
Finally, from the new album my favourites were One More Time and What Have We Done. 
I'll tell you've what you've done OMD; you have reminded me how much I love and respect you. 
Please don't ever stop.  Can't wait to find out what you have planned for your anniversary in 2018.

Thank you to Christine Holmes