2015 – Junk Culture deluxe reissue

Disc 1

1. Junk Culture 
2. Tesla Girls 
3. Locomotion 
4. Apollo 
5. Never Turn Away
6. Love And Violence 
7. Hard Day 
8. All Wrapped Up 
9. White Trash 
10. Talking Loud And Clear 

Disc 2

Bonus Tracks On 2015 Re-Issue:

1. Her Body in My Soul (b-side of "Locomotion")
2. The Avenue" (b-side of "Locomotion")
3. Julia's Song (Re-Recorded) (b-side of "Talking Loud and Clear")
4. Garden City (b-side of "Tesla Girls")
5. Wrappup (remix of "All Wrapped Up")
6. Locomotion (12" Version) 
7. Tesla Girls (12" Version)
8. Talking Loud and Clear (12" Version)
9. Never Turn Away (12" Version)
10. (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels of the Universe 
11. 10 to 1 
12. All or Nothing
13. Heaven Is (Highland Studios demo)
14. Tesla Girls (Highland Studios demo)
15. White Trash (Highland Studios demo)


Containing three singles to reach higher than number twenty five in the charts, as well as initially charting at number 9 itself, 'Junk Culture' represented OMD's transition from 'alternative' to 'pop' music. However, being an OMD album (all of which thus far had been fairly experimental), it was not a complete transition. The title track is the brass-infused equivalent of a grand entrance, whilst slower-paced 'Hard Day' appears to be McCluskey's call for help into the synthesiser universe; 'when I walk, I walk/the walk of a tired man/ talk, I talk about nothin' at all' he tells us. The high point of the album is almost certainly 'Love and Violence'- a can't-go-unnoticed slap in the face that was originally considered by the band as the title track, due to the contrast of sweet ('Talking Loud And Clear') and aggressive (All Wrapped Up and White Trash) songs on the album (the former of which is showcased particularly well with 'Never Turn Away', which was written and sung by Paul Humphreys). As for the low point, it is virtually non-existent; despite the occasional slower song and greater commercial appeal of the album, 'Junk Culture', keeps its funky, reggae-influenced beat from start to finish.