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Electricity 21/05/79 Electricity


OMD’s debut single, from their self titled album

Electricity was one of the first songs that Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys wrote together.

Almost had been inspired by The Teardrop Explodes' song Camera, Camera which featured the line "I see a red car, I see a green car". The phrase lodged in Andy's mind and he reworked the idea of travelling to see a loved one by car.

There was some debate between the band and Tony Wilson, over which versions of the songs to include. Wilson favoured Hannet's polished versions while Andy and Paul, not convinced by Hannet's over-lush production, wanted the original versions. A compromise was struck so that OMD's version of Electricity was included with Hannet's take on Almost on the flipside.

5,000 copies were produced in a special 'black on black' thermographed sleeve design.

Additional chart information provided by: Stuart Morris (Genola May)
Highest global chart position
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