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Tilburg, Netherlands 5th of December 2017

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Tonight the Netherlands will celebrate Saint Nicolas,but not for me and my 11.5 year old daughter.

3.00pm Dutch time we are on our way to Tilburg,which is not far away from me.

There we have a meal and meeting some friends from uk,Belgium,Germany and of course the Netherlands.

19.00 we are in the 013 and in the front.013 is a standing venue,without a balcony,with each sides a bar.

20.00 Holygram starts.You can compare them with the cure.

The music was nice,but not my thingy.The singers voice was in my opinion monotone ,but the basist was amazing he was dancing on every song they played.

I have to confess that I prefere the Tiny Magnetic pets.

At 21.00 OMD started.I’ve noticed in comparing with the UK tour Andy didn’t make much jokes.

I’ve noiticed that Stuart smiled to my daughter when she smiled to him.Halfway the concert Andy reached his arm and a German fan took his guitarpic.He quick pointed to my daughter and she was over the moon when she received the guitar pic.

From every minute she enjoyed her first OMD gig and for me the last of this year.

As usual OMD ended their gig with Electricity.

After OMD had left,Ed came on stage and the Roadies.Ed handed over the big stage setlist to my daughter and I get my hands on a smaller one.

On the way out she was trying to talk with someone at the omd/Holygram stand,while I made a pic of Holygram and a fan.In a quick reaction I saw that the seller from Holygram gave her a free pin.proudly she showed it to me.

Although it was my oldest daughter her first concert (the only child at that gig) OMD made her evening and she couldn’t wish a better Saint Nicolas evening like this.

Thank you to Mariska Barnier Mac Gillavry for sending us this gig review. 

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 1st November 1986

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YES 1986

Review of OMD at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 1st November 1986

Well, here it is; the morning after the concert before. I left last night’s performance physically drained but mentally and spiritually high. Can OMD get any better? It is a question which must be posed. After being a fan for 6 years, even I was amazed by the stunning success of their latest visit to Nottingham. There was a balance to their set which would leave many bands standing – the big hits, near misses, old favourites, new offerings, foot tappers and slow burners all played with enthusiasm and conviction. The capacity audience clearly thought OMD could do no wrong; indeed by the beginning of the second number everyone was on their feet and dancing. The atmosphere built and built until it got to a stage where they could have played The Birdie Song and still have brought the house down!

So, what of the songs that moved more feet in one night than Adidas trainers do in a year (well, it felt that way!)? The outstanding highlight of the night just had to be Maid of Orleans, which was greeted by rapturous applause when the strains of the opening chords were heard. After a rousing version of what must be one of their best ever songs, during which Malcolm Holmes proved his worth as a drummer, the applause went on for several minutes. Andy McCluskey, who had claimed to be knackered after just 3 songs, sank to the floor and waited for silence before proceeding to cries of “Joan of Arc!” The sacred lady failed to appear but no matter – in the event she wasn’t missed. Several songs from new album The Pacific Age were aired including Shame, We Love You, Stay and (Forever) Live and Die with vocals by Paul Humphreys. They were all very well received and it’s likely the latter will become a live favourite in years to come.

Nottingham Review 6th November 2017

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OMD – Nottingham Review 6th November 2017

All throughout the day I was checking Facebook, the word on the street was Andy had septic tonsillitis and my heart sank, I work as a Paramedic and the word septic is not one that ever fills me with joy.

Still my course during that day was fragmented with hopes that all will be well, a message popped up “OMD do not cancel gigs” … so we are on then.

Getting home, putting an old tour t-shirt on and going to the gig with my eldest son (22) and a good friend all of us eagerly anticipating the night ahead.

In the 34 years of watching OMD live I never imagined back on 1983 that I would still be as enthusiastic in my late forties as I was a 14year old kid, well I am probably more so now.

I remember back in 1997 meeting Andy at an OMD convention when he said “OMD was over”, at the time he was right but how the phoenix has risen into this beautiful renaissance and rekindled the love affair with a blend of music that will forever be the soundtrack of my life.

Meeting some old friends in the bar beforehand, everyone was feeling the anticipation and excitement … nothing could have prepared us for the 90 minutes to come.

The lights go down … Art Eats Art and La Mitrailleuse guide us into Ghost Star (so much better live) Andy waits until his moment to sing and the audience captivation begins … into Isotype …the lighting … the sound unrivalled and yet a small mistake from Andy leaves him saying “ I hope it’s not going to be one of those nights, I promise perfection from here on in” and boy did he mean it.

Liverpool Empire Theatre 29th October 2017

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On a surprisingly mild October night in Liverpool, something special is happening. Inside a fairly innocent-looking theatre, the atmosphere is tense and the audience becoming impatient as time gradually ticks on.

Then, the lights go down. A huge cheer erupts from the crowd as the stage is lit a luminous green and four figures emerge from the shadows. One takes his place behind the drum kit, two behind their keyboards either side of the stage, and one at the front of the stage behind a microphone. The shouts and cheers continue as the first plaintive notes of 'Ghost Star'- the penultimate track from OMD's new album 'The Punishment of Luxury' and reported favourite of lead singer Andy McCluskey- echo out into the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

OMD are home.

And it's not long before the audience are on their feet and celebrating that fact with everything they've got.

 empire 2017 01

Armed with a hit-packed setlist, the band are on top form, the combination of it being a home gig (OMD were formed in the late '70s with all original members hailing from The Wirral and the surrounding area) and a relatively new tour perhaps spurring them on to give an even more energetic performance than usual. Not once do they let up, as tracks from the critically acclaimed new album ('What Have We Done', 'Isotype') slot seamlessly into the set along with old favourites ('Messages', 'Maid Of Orleans', 'Souvenir').

There are, of course, a few surprises for those hardcore OMD fans (by the dancing that was going on in the theatre, one assumes that that was the majority of members of the audience), such as 'Of All The Things We've Made', an album track taken from the 'fractured masterpiece' that was their 1983's 'Dazzle Ships'. As it finishes (again prompting a roar from the crowd) McCluskey gleefully grins- the twinkle in his eyes no doubt brought on by the sight and sound of an endlessly appreciative audience.

empire 2017 02

Speaking of the audience, another interesting thing that OMD have done on this tour is to allow the fans to decide one song on the set list

Red Frame White Light phone box - reinstated

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This was broadcast on BBC Northwest Tonight on the 20th October 2017.

The View From here

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This video rendition works perfect.

Welcome to Motion and Heart

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Glasgow concert 19th of November 2017

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Glasgow was my 2nd OMD concert of this year.

In the afternoon I met up with some Scottish OMD fans who I never seen.Some of them went to the soundcheck so I was hanging around with the ones who didn’t had a VIP.

We were in The Royal Glasgow concert hall by 19.00 and we have a nice little chat with Ed.

20.00 Tiny Magnetic Pets started,I’ve noticed that loads of seats were Empty.

Was it because people only wants to see OMD and not interested in them?

Anyway Tiny Magnetic pets were great as in Liverpool.

After the break it was OMD’s turn. They  started with Ghost Star followed by new and old songs. Unfortunately Andy said they have to leave the stage for 5 minutes due the technical problems. 5 minutes became 15 minutes. When OMD came back they played Enola Gay extra,because we had to wait.

And because we have to wait longer they had to play the songs quicker,because some people have to get their last public transport home.

It was a great gig,but there was something that annoyed me,probably I sat on the wrong seat.

People who’s seats are next to me,were empty by Tiny Magnetic pets,but with OMD they were talking during the concert and had to pass me constantly to get some beer.

I pay to see my favourite band and not passing people who love to have some drinks all the time.You have the break for it.

Thank you to 

Mariska Barnier Mac Gillavry for sending us this gig review. 

Reading on 9th November 2017

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My Platinum experience.
I was first through the door before 3pm to meet the lovely Ed and receive my VIP badge, wrist band and signed set list.  Ed was very professional and helpful and swapped my t-shirt twice.
At 4pm Ed led us into the stalls area where I experienced my first soundcheck, which was fascinating.

At 5pm, the meet and greet.  I was so nervous whilst queuing up and knew I would either say nothing or else say something stupid.  The boys signed my Crush tour brochure, which coincidentally was my first OMD concert in 1988 at the Hexagon (tickets were slightly cheaper then at £6 each!).  The boys were lovely and I had my first photo with the them.  I did get a bit starstruck and after Andy shook my hand I started to walk away without my signed items and Andy had to point to them!!

At 8pm the TMP's came on.  I enjoyed their set but was anxious to get to 9pm and for OMD to come on.

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 6th November 2017

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OMD??? OMG!!!

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 6th November 2017

The sense of anticipation inside the venue is almost palpable as the time ticks ever nearer to 9pm. Once the house lights go down and the opening bars of Art Eats Art/ La Mitrailleuse are played, the audience begin to cheer as the band members emerge from the wings. OMD are back in Nottingham!

They break us in gently with the rather lovely Ghost Star and I for one am itching to get to my feet. Enthusiastic applause for this new song leads the way to Isotype and I stand up, ready to dance. By the end of the song almost everyone is up and clapping along. There are no signs of the tonsillitis Andy has been said to be suffering from, and he and the band are definitely on top form tonight. Although the tour is essentially to promote the latest album, The Punishment of Luxury, the set is peppered with old favourites and a couple of surprises to keep us on our toes.

Crowd-pleasers such as Messages and Tesla Girls get everyone dancing, a fact that clearly delights Andy as he warns us there will be no let up! As usual his own unique dancing style is on show, the energy and enthusiasm putting many younger front men to shame. This is never more evident than in Maid of Orleans which builds to a crescendo taking the audience along for the ride. This was the highlight for me, not only as it’s my personal favourite but because of the almost never ending applause and whoops of joy and the evident delight and gratitude of the band. It was an incredibly special thing to witness and I doubt I was the only one feeling emotional. I will never forget it..

shelly 02

The fan vote on the night was for She’s Leaving, from their 1981 album Architecture and Morality which has been described as their “seminal work ”. It received rapturous applause, as did  the wonderfully understated performance of Of All The Things We’ve Made which saw the band members lined up stage front under individual spotlights. The brief hiatus afforded to us by this and another new song, What Have We Done, gives way to five more up tempo numbers culminating in a storming version of Enola Gay which marks the end of the main set.

The Punishment of Luxury - Lyrics

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The Punishment of Luxury - 2017 Lyrics/Song Words. 
Spot any errors? please contact us HERE


The punishment of luxury
Is in the air for all to see
And it's ugly now
And it's getting worse every day

Nigel Ipinson Interview

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Interview with Nigel Ipinson , Nigel Ipinson-Fleming who talks about Rock and Roll to Redemption. Nigel Spent time with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and co wrote the single Walking on the Milky Way .

He was also in The Stone Roses, and has worked with the likes of Hot Chocolate . The interviews cover his life journey from Rock and Roll to church pastor. Nigel is now living in Bristol.

He first appeared in the group Juvenile Jazz, which won a 1987 BBC TV talent contest on Saturday Superstore called "Search for a Superstar" and we hear about those early days.

Up Close interview with Andy McCluskey

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We took your questions and we asked them.
This is a up close and personal interview with Andy 

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